Wrought silver was called Rupya, and the word rupyarupa which together meant stamped or shaped silver, which together came to become our currency coin in those times in 340-290 BCE.

During the 5 years ruling of Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century silver coins were issued that came to be known as Rupiya.

Soon it was found that silver was way too precious to be built into coins as the value of the coin in currency was lower than the value of the silver that it was made of.

Hence silver soon came to become a precious metal of class, though not regarded as high as gold or platinum, but it was surely not a metal to be made coins of. Hence silver was then made into precious items and antiques like gold and platinum. Silver earrings and other kinds of silver were made and sold. In India silver earrings came to be known as an asset which was a life saver in times of crisis. Silver earrings and silver jewellery were much more liquid than gold or plantinum and selling them off gave a quick and good buck. Silver traders had good margins although it was only realized more later after the invent of the Mughal Dynasty.
During the rule of Mughal Dynasty, they bought incredible innovation in Silver and other precious metal jewelleries. Silver earrings before were made of poor and blunt designs, and the people were still satisfied with those designs. The kind of silver earrings that the women of the Mughals wore were absolutely immaculate, sharp and built with a finish that no one had ever witness.

It is a rumoured story that once a mughal princess had mistakenly dropped one of her pure silver earrings. A little boy found it and played with it for days before his father who was a pure silver earrings designer found them, and the rest was history, and all kinds of silver earrings and silver jewellery today came from that dropped sterling silver earring.

Since then pure sterling silver earrings have evolved beyond imagination. Indian artisans soon understood pure silver, and experimented to make it durable. With the advent of the British, pure sterling silver was known in India, and soon copper was used to create new and durable jewellery. Although there was heavy duty on Indian artisans creating silver earrings they still managed to earn mighty and continued to innovate in creating silver earrings. Pure sterling silver earrings were a kind of jewellery that women have always found class in. Pure sterling silver studs and silver hoop earrings have enlightened faces for years today. May it be pure sterling silver danglers or pure silver jhumkas, our years of heritage has certainly been a major credit to our innovation in Jewellery. My grandpa was a silver earrings designer, and he explained me saying that with a solution of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper the pure sterling silver was born, which was extremely durable. By then copper was already being used in wires, and copper was certainly known as an extremely strong and durable metal. He also explained how he knew another silver jewellery designer and they how would both buy sterling silver earrings at the pawn shops for reference in those days since an online world simply did not exist.

Today you can easily find sterling silver jewellery online without making any efforts what-so-ever.

With the Internet boom in the 21st century, today there are several online web-stores selling silver earrings and without any difficulty one can place an order online for pure sterling silver jewellery and find good quality 925 sterling silver earrings online. Although genuineness and trust maybe a bit of an issue, if you read product reviews and check since when have these websites been operational, their experience can provide you an insight as to how genuine their pure sterling silver earrings might actually be.

This online boom has given an opportunity to Indian artisans to sell their beautifully heritage rich silver earrings in the online global market, making their sale numbers higher, and getting them and their pure sterling silver earrings online the respect and popularity that they truly deserve. The internet has given them platforms to sell Indian art and design to world. Indian pure sterling silver jewellery online are heavily demanded in the USA, Australia and UAE. The internet gives an Indian artisan the liberty and freedom to function from home and sell his hand made or machine built pure sterling silver earrings or any other kinds of silver jewellery online on giant web-stores. Today Indian pure sterling silver artisans create all kinds of styles for girls and women. Silver stud earrings, silver hoop earrings, silver danglers, kadas, jhumkas, and also oxidized silver earrings for that aged earthy grey finish are some of the silver jewellery styles that silver artists in India create. Artists today charge a fee for dedicatedly working towards created trendy Indian designs for the global market for silver earring sellers online [].

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